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Montreal Mirror – Comedy

June 29, 2012

TP: At first, we wrote Tom Cruise as this really flamboyant gay character and Comedy Central told us we just couldn’t do that. And we were like, “Why not? He’s never going to act upon it.” But they still said no way. So then we came back and said how about if we say that he’s in the closet and they still said no way. So we said, “No, what if he is literally trapped in a closet and can’t come out?” And they said, “Yeah, you can do that.” You see, we don’t get notes from Comedy Central but we do still have to talk to a lawyer, so every script has to go through a lawyer, and we’ll go, “Okay, so we can’t say this, but can we say this?” At the time, everyone was saying you just can’t fuck with those people, so we went, “Okay, let’s fuck with those people.”

via Montreal Mirror – Comedy.