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Reaction to Obamacare Supreme Court Decision — ToBeRIGHT

June 29, 2012

In response to the tinfoil, tri-corner hat crowd’s response to the Supreme Court ruling:

We are doomed… dooooooomed! America is dead because “they” are making me pay for something I don’t want/need/think sucks!

Well, I would also rather not pay for CIA spy drones, billion-dollar-a-pop stealth bombers or congressional fact-finding trips to Thailand; but I do understand that a majority of my fellow citizens think these are valid expenditures, so I pays my taxes and I keeps my mouth (mostly) shut.

So when a duly elected president proposes legislation that a duly elected congress enacts, and when the legality of said law is questioned a duly appointed court upholds it… I pays my taxes and keeps my mouth (mostly) shut!

My father had a heart attack, and lost his insurance while still in the hospital because they suddenly (after four years of diligent payment!) found “preexisting conditions”. He later died from inadequate health care.

So I say suck it up and enjoy the country where everybody has the right to bitch and moan about how terrible it is – all while living in one of the most awesome countries on earth.

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