Obama: The Republicans’ Devil


Christians have a love-hate relationship with Satan. They would be nowhere without him, and the more God-fearing that one is, the more useful the Devil becomes, until a point is reached when the Devil becomes more useful than God. That is the point where part of the American body politic has been for the past four years, as demonstrated by the disarray at the Conservative Political Action Conference last weekend and, on more than a few occasions, in Congress where association with Obama is so all-encompassingly dreadful that some will reverse positions they’ve held for years, even opposing bills with their own names on them, to avoid the sulfuric whiff of presidential support. The Republican Party is no longer a congregation held together by principles, even the wrong ones, but a cult of personality, albeit the other party’s personality that they abhor. It took Christianity 2,000 years to come up with a Devil that it could not just believe in but give its heart to; and as some would have it, the face of that Devil is now also the face of America, or the America anyway that has spent 200 years transcending its most profound sins having to do with slavery and race. When a church’s devil comes to mean more than its god (whether that church is political or spiritual), its animating spirit metastasizes and dies, the quest no longer about transcendence but only deliverance.

via Obama: The Republicans’ Devil.


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