The Secret To Staying Motivated? Optimism, Not Anger

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The Secret To Staying Motivated? Optimism, Not Anger

via Fast Company by Mark Wilson on 3/5/13

Many of us use anger to fight our way back from failure. But as our veterans have proven, optimism is a more powerful motivator than anger.

There’s an old idiom, “don’t get mad, get even.” I’ve always loved it, but of course, that just means I’m a hothead. Because if you really break down that idiom’s meaning, it’s not telling you to quell your conniption. It’s telling you to channel that anger to reach new heights. So to the bells of Rocky, many of us punch away at projects, venting our way to the top.

But as Emily Esfahani Smith points out over at The Atlantic, research has shown that optimism–for however cheesy that term can sound to the bag-punchers in the crowd–is a lot more powerful when your chips are down than making two fists and fighting your way out of a corner.

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